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Want to keep healthy this Diwali? – Let’s celebrate it in an eco-friendly manner !

celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali Diwali is the festival of lights, joy and enthusiasm .We have a lot of mythological stories with regards to Diwali celebrations. Goddess Lakshmi incarnated on the no-moon night of the Kartik month during the churning of Kshirsagar (the ocean of milk). Lord Vishnu escaped goddess Lakshmi from King Bali in Vaaman incarnation. […]

Diwali Message to disciples

Made – up stories by Paid Media Goons – are they really to be trusted ?

Real Meaning of Deepawali By Self Realized Saint Sada diwali Sant ki, aathon pahar Aanand; Akalmand koi soorma, gine Indra ko rank. Meaning: Saints enjoy festivity every moment, irrespective of whatever situations and circumstances they are in and even the empire of Indra (the lord of deities) is considered insignificant in the opinion of Saints […]

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The significance of Deepawali – The Festival of Lights

The significance of Deepawali – The Festival of Lights Deepawali is a 5 day celebration of festival of lights that starts with Dhan Teras, followed by Narak Chaturdashi, Deepawali (i.e. Lakshmi Poojan) , Govardhan Pooja (also called Annakoot or Nootan Varsh) and Bhai Dooj. The festival conveys an important message that transcends religions – the […]

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