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International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women – can it actually ensure “safety & protection” of women?

International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women These days both electronic & print media outlets are filled with the efforts made by the government to protect female foeticide / infanticide or observance of the days like ‘International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women’ as an attempt to ensure “safety & protection” of women. […]

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Spiritual significance of Kartik Purnima or Guru Nanak Jayanti

Spiritual significance of Kartik Purnima or Guru Nanak Jayanti Kartik month is considered very holy for performing rituals and gaining virtues. The full moon day (Poonam) of this month has special significance – as it’s celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti, i.e. the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji – the foremost guru in Sikhism, who […]

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The Glory of Cow and its by-products

Incredible Indian cow needs to be protected – Happy Gopashtmi ” Gavo vihwasya matarah ” — Cow is the mother of the whole world. Serving cows could even lead one towards Self-realization. One could indirectly serve cows just by consuming cow-milk, as once cow-milk becomes essential part of one’s diet; it certainly necessitates service and […]

Diwali Message to disciples

Made – up stories by Paid Media Goons – are they really to be trusted ?

Real Meaning of Deepawali By Self Realized Saint Sada diwali Sant ki, aathon pahar Aanand; Akalmand koi soorma, gine Indra ko rank. Meaning: Saints enjoy festivity every moment, irrespective of whatever situations and circumstances they are in and even the empire of Indra (the lord of deities) is considered insignificant in the opinion of Saints […]

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Cold – drinks: Beneficial or Harmful ?

Cold-Soft-Energy Drinks Cold Beneficial or Harmful Some people bet upon how many bottles of cold-drinks can be consumed by an individual. One party may defeat another by consuming as many bottles as possible and thus winning the competition. But the defeated party is the “true winner” of this competition in my opinion, as it’s less […]

teachers day, torture day

A Real Teacher’s day

Real Teachers Day “We ought to respect our elders, teachers and seniors” is the lesson we learnt in our childhood. We celebrate Teachers’ Day every year. It appears sufficient to inculcate good habits in students by celebrating this occasion. But when the coin is turned; we find another aspect of children not being able to […]

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