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Asaram Bapu is Innocent

Ill treatment of Indian Saints – a well framed conspiracy that even Indian Judiciary or Administration isn’t left untouched with

Many false cases are registered against innocent people these days. For instance, a lot of false dowry cases are registered by some opponents either out of hostility or some other reason. At times, a lot of innocent people, especially those with high stature in the society, are implicated in fake cases of rape and murder […]

This time it is Asaram Bapu

Why Hindu Gurus Are …

This time it is Asaram Bapu ! By kenni on September 4, 2013 5:12 PM In the yearly prediction for India posted on December 31, 2012 – I had mentioned this along with other predictions – *scams and scandals involving spiritual people – here is the URL It is a million dollar question about, why […]

What does a spiritual soldier deserve on Independence Day ?

We feel happy & proud being Indian nationals. We got independence on Aug 15, 1947 and are indebted to our freedom fighters for what they did and sacrificed for attaining us Indians the “political liberty”. Later, our constitution was formed and we started celebrating Independence Day and Republic Day every year. A number of people […]

Is our Freedom Secure

Badly Misuse of POCSO & Dowry Laws

Is Our Freedom Secure ? After Nirbhaya episode, the laws enacted have become perilous. Many innocent people are trapped because of misuse of laws that are unclear. More emphasis is being placed on the statement of the woman instead of the medical report. In 2012, 46% of the accused were proved innocent, this number reached […]

Eventually Who Is He ?

Read in Hindi     (Based on a remarkably true incident) A desire arose in my mind to know the authenticity of an issue that has overpowered the national & international media for the past 8 months- ‘The world’s renowned Saint Asharamji Bapu is in prison for the alleged sex-exploitation of a minor.’ Many kinds […]

Asaram Bapu News

आशाराम बापू और उनके बेटे पर हुई एफआईआर का पोस्टमॉर्टम

अंग्रेजी में पढ़े Postmortem of Surat Case FIR अगर कोई सामान्य व्यक्ति भी एफआईआर के इन पहलुओं पर गौर करे तो यह स्पष्ट होने लगता है कि संत आशारामजी बापू और उनके सुपुत्र श्री नारायण साँर्इं को एक बडी साजिश के तहत फँसाया जा रहा है । ऐसे और भी कई पहलू हैं । कृपालुजी […]

Misleading Paid media

Misleading Paid Media   हमने देखा की मीडिया बार बार आरोपों का झंडा लिए हिन्दू समाज पर आघात करने के लिए तैयार बैठा रहता है | आशाराम बापू जिन्हें करोड़ो लोग जानते और मानते हैं , के नाम के साथ जब उनके बेटे का नाम भी मीडिया कि सुर्खियाँ बनी तो लगा कि कुछ तो […]

सत्य की खोज में जोधपुर की ओर

अंग्रेजी में पढ़े   – डॉ. प्रतिभा शर्मा (Dr. Patibha Sharma) एम.ए., एम.फिल., एम.बी.ए., पीएच.डी. (एक अद्भुत सत्य घटना पर आधारित पुस्तक ‘आखिर कौन हैं ये ?)   एक मुद्दे की सच्चाई जानने की इच्छा हुई जो पिछले ८ महीने से देश-विदेश के मीडिया में छाया हुआ है – ‘नाबालिग के यौन-शोषण के आरोप में […]

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