Question ListCategory: Asaram Bapu | Asharam BapuWhy supporters of asaram bapuji doing jap only instead of giving answer to conpirators in their way?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

From Past One year Asaram bapuji is on target of paid media and anti Hindu societies police and Indian Government become viewer of this drama . Supporters of asaram bapuji organizing rallies doing jap and sharing truth through social media only . Supporters this time not following instructions of gita as time and situation change your way of fighting should also accordingly change. This is kalyuga and now conspirators are playing with Indian law they are registering fake cases and misusing time consuming Indian judiciary . Till judiciary will decide anything it would be too late conspirators and indian paid media will change mind thought of people and declare hindu sant as criminal. Many in past like swami nityanand, shankaracharya jayendra saraswatiji, jagad guru kripaluji maharaj etc faced same thing.
Supporters and hindu awaking societies are not doing what is need of time and only jap is going on.

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Mayur answered 4 years ago

आपका सवाल सही है | किन्तु जब तक साधको को गुरुदेव आज्ञा नहीं देंगे तब तक साधक जप में ही निष्ठा रखेंगे | साधक तो षड्यंत्रकारियो को मौनपूर्वक रैलीयां, भंडारे, राशन, शरबत वितरण, बाढ़ग्रस्त सेवाए आदि आदि कर के जवाब दे ही रहे है |
गुरु आज्ञा ही केवलं… शिषस्य परम मंगलम… जहा तक हमारे गुरुदेव सोचते है वहा तक हमारी मति नहीं पहुच सकती | इसलिए अभी साधक जप में निष्ठां रखते है | 
|| हरी ॐ ||

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