Question ListCategory: Asaram Bapu | Asharam BapuWhy is it that Asaram Bapu is the prime target?
Rajan asked 5 years ago

let’s start talking about the recent case of Asaram Bapu who has millions of followers around the world, arguably the biggest Saint in India with 40 million registered disciples. But outside that circle, ask anyone of the great Indian middle class about what they think about Asaram Bapu and you will bound to hear back “dhongi baba” as a reply.  And this will include people who didn’t even know the person two days ago. Please do say thanks to any of your favourite media house. Working tirelessly over several years, they have successfully created such an image of babas in our mind that we naturally question their identity & even their good deeds.

supriya replied 5 years ago

The 40 million disciples of Asaram Bapu are not stupid or illiterate people but includes scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, bureaucrats, businessmen & people from all walks of life. No single man in the world can fool so many people on just the basis of faith & religion. But then it would be difficult for many to believe, because we are now victims of a pre conceived notion built in our mind by the media.

Black replied 5 years ago

There is huge difference between the facts shown by media and facts presented by victim’s lawyer and Police FIR. As again rightly mentioned in a tweet by Dr. Swamy, “Has any media anchor seen the police report on Asaram Bapu? Does it allege rape?” The reality is that it does not. Even the girl’s medical report has ruled out the chances of being raped. But then strangely most media platform has named this case as ‘Asaram Bapu Rape Case’! Dr. Swamy again tweeted “All those campaigning against Asaram Bapu should write down all the accusations by date, by whom, where and which proved so far”. But as expected, no media channel showed that as obviously it will go against what they were asked to show.
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supriya answered 5 years ago

Bapuji has devoted at least 50 years of his life to the spiritual awakening of the people. He has made a huge following of 60 million devotees in 50 years. I reduce this figure to the minimum, lest people should consider it to be an exaggeration. Let’s suppose, If 20 million people don’t consume alcohol for 50 years that goes to save about 18820 billion rupees. If we calculate the savings in terms of consumption of cigarettes the amount comes to 11360 billion rupees. Similarly, even the amount saved in Gutkha-consumption can easily be calculated. Bapuji inculcates good traits in the people. So a large sum of money would be saved by the people who do not go to discotheques. The strong message of Brahmacharya  given by Bapuji is practiced by millions of his followers; that causes a great loss to the Sex Industrial Complex (the producers and distributors of pornography, lewd music albums, manufacturers of condoms, drugs for AIDS, etc.)   When I sat down to calculate the combined total of all these, the amount ran into a few hundred trillion of rupees to say the least. So, it’s no big deal if those companies incurring losses to the tune of trillions, decide to spend a few billions to defame Bapuji! So these are the economical reason behind the smear campaign.   What could not be done in the last 1200 years is going to happen in the next 10 years or so. The greatest power against the forces trying to enslave the country once again is definitely Asharamji Bapu and hence on top of their hit list.
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