Question ListWhy are our hindu Saints targeted in india ?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Arise O Indians! Wake up!
Why there are conspiracies against saints in India?
Read following detail and think over it …  Why ???
Shankaraharya Shri Jayendra Saraswatiji
Charge – murder. Taken into custody in November 2004.
Final outcome – charge found baseless
Swami Keshavanandji Maharaj
Charge – rape
Outcome – served 7 years out of 12 years sentence. When truth came out, he was declared innocent.
Swami Nityanandji Maharaj
Charge: rape, obscene CD with an actress. Taken into custody on 21st April 2010.
Outcome: the alleged CD was found to be fake. High Court directed Channel ‘Star Vijay’ to carry an apology to Swami Nityanandji Maharaj.
Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj
Charge: In May 2007, at the age of 85 years, charged with rape of 22 year old woman in Trinidad.
Outcome: charge found baseless.
Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu
Charge: practising Black Magic in Ashram
Outcome: clean chit by Supreme Court

Black replied 5 years ago

Formerly it was only the print media that was always intent on proving even innocent saints to be guilty. But today the electronic media has crossed all the limits.

The slave-media, purchased by missionaries, are least concerned with what is happening in the entire country. They do not give priority to sky-rocketing petrol prices, devaluation of rupee, suicides by farmers, and the news concerned with the common people. They are not concerned with that. Their concern is only with the news about anti-Indian culture; it may be false even; they spice it up; and immediately mislead crores and crores of countrymen with the spicy news.

Rajan replied 5 years ago

Christian sponsorship of Indian media: An example
Here is a case study wherein the ‘’, a major online Indian media outlet is working with ‘World Vision’, an evangelical body openly indulging in unabashed proselytisation with huge funds at their disposal for this purpose [Rs 256 crores this year according to Home Ministry records]. Details about’s partnership with the ‘World Vision’, patently a missionary agency, are online at: On this page, they are blatantly fundraising for them without informing the Indian public that they are missionaries. ‘World Vision’ also regularly advertises on Sify. It should be noted that the ‘World Vision’ has been implicated in induced conversions in Orissa and in Sri Lanka during the Tsunami. Look at a quote from the World Vision’s website regarding their “noble” mission: “Wherever we work, our prayer is that our efforts will be used by God to heal and strengthen people’s relationships with Him and with one another. We do this by demonstrating God’s unconditional love for all people through our service to the poor ” which includes providing for daily needs, working to build peace and promote justice, and partnering with churches and individuals to encourage spiritual transformation.”

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Rajan answered 5 years ago

Repeatedly, from past 4-5 years, slowly & steadily the media is creating a negative image of the saint in front of viewers & lastly conspiring to an extent that he has been put behind bars before even the case could start. I have been monitoring this from past few years & I have seen every type of cases being framed against Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev and Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati. These cases must be still fresh in everyone’s mind so much so that many of us can probably state the charges right away against each one of them. Thanks to the much detailed and 24 hours coverage of media around these cases.  Ever wondered what happened after that? Those cases were in court right? We, the great Indian middle class is too busy earning our living in this excessively inflated economy that we never bother about the results of these trials. Meanwhile, let me tell you all of them got acquitted in the cases against them be it ‘animals parts & human skull in medicines case’ on Baba Ramdev, ‘murder case’ on Shankaracharya or ‘land scam’, ‘murder of kids’, ‘taantrik allegation’ or ‘attempt to murder’ cases on Asaram Bapu. But strangely, none of the media channels ever highlighted the acquittal of these people.
Biased Reporting: Truth is suppressed  CBI enquiries were initiated against these people but then they got a clean chit from CBI. Cases went up to Supreme Court but were dismissed soon after. But the way media content was curated, viewers were left only with memories of these people being accused of heinous crimes but never of the unearthed reality. Common man was sabotaged with wrong information, biased reporting and character assassination. Police investigations, court rulings take a backseat whenever media got a chance to malign the image of these religious saints. But then why? Who gains from such an act? Is it only a TRP gaining game?
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Webadmin Staff answered 5 years ago

Wake up , Before it is too late
– Dr. Subramanian Swamy, an Eminent Jurisprudent 

  1.  Hindus under siege! Your leaders and saints will be systematically eliminated with false charges and propaganda. By the time you realize it, it’ll be too late.
  2. Asharamji Bapu is at the forefront in resisting and stopping religious conversion.
  3. Innocent and gullible Hindus are not able to visualize the invisible mechanism working behind defaming Hindu saints which is part of a massive conspiracy of certain powers that are opposing the Hindus as well as our Hindu nation.
  4. Before this case; Shankracharya of Kanchi Math was arrested under false allegations; and the media publicised him as a murderer. But when he was acquitted not guilty and innocent by the Supreme Court; then no media-organisation apologised for branding him as a murderer.
  5. Sadhvi Pragya Singh has been rotting in jail even without any proof and any charge-sheet for the last six years; only because she is a Hindu saint.
  6. The worst part is that most of the Hindus are taken by secularism as well as some kind of inferiority complex. Therefore they immediately accept the version of media as true and factual. Without any proof or investigation, all of a sudden everyone starts acting like a judge because the media and our films have stuffed rubbish in our minds that if the person happens to be a Hindu saint, he must be corrupt and perverted.

– Dr. Subramanian Swamy, an Eminent Jurisprudent 

Black replied 5 years ago

The truth is that every Indian raises a question, after seeing the biased and anti-national attitude of the media, whether India is a democratic country. And why should not they raise a question? We have seen that for the last 40-45 days; the voice of crores of countrymen carrying on agitation in favour of Sant Shri Asharamji has not reached their ears; but if four-five hired people raise slogans against any saint, they will keep showing that news the whole day by making it breaking-news.

Their only aim is to obstruct the services for the good of the nation carried out by such saints by defaming them. Such saints do good to the society, nation and the world.

That is the reason why they are after Bapuji and other saints. They keep poisoning the people’s mind by broadcasting concocted stories all day for their selfish ends.

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