Question ListCategory: Asaram Bapu | Asharam BapuHow much true the Media's stories on Asharamji Ashram ?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Media Stories on Asaramji Ashram are 95 % Negative , I found some news covered by them are bogus. So I felt that It might be whole drama created by media people for their personal profit. Need public views with solid answer. Please don’t answer, if not aware about the topic . Thanks

Nandini replied 5 years ago

Watch this video and decide <br><br>

Bhumika Staff replied 5 years ago

Really impressive Video link

Thanks Nandini

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T Nandini answered 5 years ago

There are eight principles of the role of journalism in any matter.

  1. Impartiality – This means that if an allegation is made, the reporting and comments should be without any prejudice in favour of or against any party.
  2. Reporting the allegation as it is avoiding exaggeration of any kind.
  3. Presenting facts and only the facts.
  4. Not packaging own inputs with the allegations.
  5. Presenting allegation as an allegation not as a fact.
  6. No character assassination of the accused so long as the allegation remains unproved.
  7. Not to harass or persecute anybody by one’s behaviour.
  8. Howsoever serious the allegations against a person, to bring into light positive aspects of his personality if any.

Now let the conduct of the media in the matter of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu is examined on the touchstone of these eight principles and the conclusion will be for you to draw. Channels blew the allegations out of all proportions and made it to appear as if the guilt had been proved. And the language used has deteriorated so much that as soon as the allegation was made, use of derogatory language began!
There are many examples of how ridiculous speculations were presented as truth in this episode. Take the example of police interrogation of Asharamji Bapu. The police never made the record of interrogation public. How then was it known what was asked and what replies were given? If you look at it carefully, questions and answers reported by different channels were different. This is because you were not doing journalism; instead, you decided to prove Asharam Bapu guilty and took it upon yourself the entire task from making allegations to the role of police and courts. That is why you are presenting speculations as facts. Whatever allegations were there, police should have been allowed to investigate into them. But it often appears that the police has been pressurised to prove Asharam Bapu guilty by hook or by crook.     

Webadmin Staff answered 5 years ago

Faruq Mohammad, a Muslim social journalist of Surat (Gujarat) writes, “I have seen with my own eyes that in the Ashram the message given is that of love, selfless service, Bhakti and peace. It is difficult to fool even thousands but Bapu has cast a spell on more than four crores of people.”  
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