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Observe International Yoga Day and show true secularism

International Yoga Day When Shriman Narayan (ex-governor of the Indian state of Gujarat) and son-in-law of Jamnalal Bajaj (an industrialist, philanthropist and Indian independence fighter) asked Albert Einstein (the world famous scientist and theoretical physicist, who was known for his failures in his young age) the secret of his success in the field of research, […]

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Padma Bhushan, the prestigious award: is it any good ?

Padma Bhushan, the prestigious award: is it any good ? अपूज्य यत्र पूज्यन्ते, पूजनीयो न पूज्यते।  त्रीणि तत्र प्रवर्तन्ते दुर्भिक्षं मरणं भयम्।। (स्कन्द पुराण, मा.के. 3.45) i.e. Apujya yatra pujayante, pujniyo na pujyate; Trini tatra pravartante durbhiksham, maranam bhayam!! (Skanda Purana, 3:45)   Where undeserving persons are worshipped instead of adorable ones, three things […]

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Is Media Really Fair and Balanced ?

Is Media really Fair and Balanced ? The big question and the watchword – Is the media really “fair” is what is pondering amongst many. Is it the perception – whether correct or incorrect – that television, print and online content – particularly journalism – lacks objectivity and either consciously or unconsciously skews to favour […]

Diwali Message to disciples

Made – up stories by Paid Media Goons – are they really to be trusted ?

Real Meaning of Deepawali By Self Realized Saint Sada diwali Sant ki, aathon pahar Aanand; Akalmand koi soorma, gine Indra ko rank. Meaning: Saints enjoy festivity every moment, irrespective of whatever situations and circumstances they are in and even the empire of Indra (the lord of deities) is considered insignificant in the opinion of Saints […]


One year in the conspiracy – Truth still waiting to be revealed !!!

Truth still waiting to be revealed – News Facts on Asaram Bapu A year ago in early September, an adorable venerable saint with huge followership, was embroiled in a rape case, that too with a “supposed” minor. “Heinous crime committed by girl’s preacher!” was the sensational news spread by electronic media, print media and social […]

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