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Are cell-phones really necessary

Mobile phones – boon or bane ?

Are cell-phones really necessary? In the recent era, mobile phone has become part and parcel of one’s life and though it is very important mode of communication, its demerits are beyond one’s imagination. Mobile phone’s electro-magnetic radiation creates harmful heat energy that is likely to cause cancer, brain tumors, impotency, hereditary deformities, memory loss, headache […]

Information on food

Is non-vegetarian diet more beneficial for health ?

“Vegetarian food is healthier than non-vegetarian food” is the fact and an argument supported by many dieticians of American Dietetic Association, AIIMS, Safadarjung Hospital and the likes. According to Kidman, plants and herbs contain optimum energy level. If it is directly consumed by human beings, they will get direct 10% energy but if an animal […]

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