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Sexual Energy Transmutation is the Key to Become a Genius

Nowadays this wrong notion about Sex control or Continence has been deep-rooted in the minds irrespective of normal public or physiologists. Sex control or Continence has been accepted as a religious superstition or lack of science by all. This conception has been spread by so-called pseudo Sexologists and Physiologists. For their own popularity and business […]

Harmful Christmas tree, benefits of Tulsi , tulsi medicinal benefit

Tulsi Pujan Divas – Let’s look into the benefits of “Tulsi” over “Christmas tree” this Holiday Season!

Christmas tree or Tulsi (Holy Basil) , Let’s look into the benefits of “Tulsi” over “Christmas tree” this Holiday Season! Tulsi, i.e. Holy Basil (Ocimum Sanctum) is a herb that is revered in India for its spiritual as well as medicinal benefits. Tulsi is supposed to have a strong bioelectric field; that is why the […]

World yoga day, Yog day 2015, Internattion yog day , 21 june yoga day

Observe International Yoga Day and show true secularism

International Yoga Day When Shriman Narayan (ex-governor of the Indian state of Gujarat) and son-in-law of Jamnalal Bajaj (an industrialist, philanthropist and Indian independence fighter) asked Albert Einstein (the world famous scientist and theoretical physicist, who was known for his failures in his young age) the secret of his success in the field of research, […]

measures for tobacco, impact of tobacco, tobacco, asaram bapu on tobacco

Tobacco Consumption: Impacts and Subsequent Remedial Measures for Tobacco offered by Saints

Remedial Measures for Tobacco The Hindi song: ‘main har fikra ko dhooyein mein udaata chala gaya…’ sounds very sweet. The style of the actor enacting the song, along with its lyrics, seems appealing and music sounds melodious too; but the facts related to smoking are beyond imagination. According to a Global Adult Tobacco Survey, the […]

soft drinks, energy drinks, soda

Cold – drinks: Beneficial or Harmful ?

Cold-Soft-Energy Drinks Cold Beneficial or Harmful Some people bet upon how many bottles of cold-drinks can be consumed by an individual. One party may defeat another by consuming as many bottles as possible and thus winning the competition. But the defeated party is the “true winner” of this competition in my opinion, as it’s less […]

2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday

“Bapu’s” De-Addiction campaign – how much has the society progressed?

2nd October be dry day or alcohol free day or de-addiction day 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated as “dry day” or “alcohol free day” or “de-addiction day” throughout India. Has our country successfully enforced prohibition regarding such addictions till date (which in itself is a moot question); and if not, what are the […]

10 types of poison exist in tea

Is it our cup of “Tea” ?

excessive use of tea – injuries to health Day starts with a cup of tea. Is it a necessity, a compulsion for our body system or an addiction, we are unaware of? Consumption of tea gives instant energy, causing one to get back to work right after its intake, is a myth or an illusion […]

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