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परोपकारिता के महान आदर्श

(ब्रह्मलीन भगवत्पाद साँईं लीलाशाहजी महाराज प्राकट्य दिवस : 12 मार्च) साँईं श्री लीलाशाहजी महाराज कहते हैं : ‘‘जब द्वैत है ही नहीं तब दूसरों की भलाई करना यह स्वयं की ही भलाई करने के समान है ।’’ इस ब्रह्मवाणी का साकार रूप है संतश्री का जीवन ! एक बार बिहार में अकाल पड़ा तब पूज्य […]

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The Flip Side – A documentary presenting the ‘flip side’ of what “paid media” claims about a false case

The Flip Side – Documentary movie on asaram bapu To share the contrasting observable events occurred in the recent past, here is what anyone following his beloved Guru – Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu (referred to as ‘Bapuji’), can quote as a simple event-sequence: Episode # 1:-The melodious bhajans & kirtans (devotional songs) sung by Bapuji […]

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Gleaming on the Gallows – RamPrasad Bismil

Gleaming on the Gallows Youth Awakening-From the discourses of H. H. Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu   Story of the famed revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil who infused new life in India’s Movement of Independence from the British rule and galvanized the youth by reminding them of their true strength and glory of vedic heritage. Told by […]

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‘Vishwa Sewa Divas’ (Worldwide Selfless-service Day) – Incarnation Day of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu

incarnation day as Vishwa Sewa Diwas Exceeding number 425 ashrams, 1400 Shri Yoga Vedanta Sewa Samitis (SYVSS), 17,000 Bal Sanskara Kendra (BSK), thousands of Yuva Sewa Sanghs (YSS), Mahila Utthan Mandals (MUM) celebrate H.H. Asharam Bapuji’s (referred to as ‘Bapuji’) incarnation day every year as ‘Vishwa Sewa Diwas’ – a day meant to serve the […]

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18 Months behind Bars – Is the judiciary still sleeping ?

18 Months behind Bars – Is the judiciary still sleeping ? After creating rumors for an adorable saint entangled in a false rape case, the world is surprisingly seeing the disciples with the same enthusiasm on the occasion of New Year which became worth celebrating for his disciples, who assembled near railway station route to […]

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O Media & Judiciary – Realize the value of true saints lest the citizens remain deprived !

O Media & Judiciary – Realize the value of true saints lest the citizens remain deprived ! A disciple, on someone’s arrival at his place, smelt the fragrance of appearance of his Guru. He came near the person and asked -“Have you met the Peer or Aulia?” and the latter replied, “Yes, I have met […]

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