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Tobacco Consumption: Impacts and Subsequent Remedial Measures for Tobacco offered by Saints

Remedial Measures for Tobacco The Hindi song: ‘main har fikra ko dhooyein mein udaata chala gaya…’ sounds very sweet. The style of the actor enacting the song, along with its lyrics, seems appealing and music sounds melodious too; but the facts related to smoking are beyond imagination. According to a Global Adult Tobacco Survey, the […]

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Cold – drinks: Beneficial or Harmful ?

Cold-Soft-Energy Drinks Cold Beneficial or Harmful Some people bet upon how many bottles of cold-drinks can be consumed by an individual. One party may defeat another by consuming as many bottles as possible and thus winning the competition. But the defeated party is the “true winner” of this competition in my opinion, as it’s less […]

2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday

“Bapu’s” De-Addiction campaign – how much has the society progressed?

2nd October be dry day or alcohol free day or de-addiction day 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated as “dry day” or “alcohol free day” or “de-addiction day” throughout India. Has our country successfully enforced prohibition regarding such addictions till date (which in itself is a moot question); and if not, what are the […]

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