Mr. Perfectionist, crisis of flood in Chennai, Chennai Relief fund

Chennai floods – Is “Chennai Express” Hero, along with “tolerant” Mr. Perfectionist visible anywhere?

Intolerance Washed Away in crisis of chennai floods – Let’s ponder over the root cause and figure out remedial measures Chennai – the capital city of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and fourth-most populous metropolitan area of the country, owing to lack of administerial arrangements, is coping up with the crisis of flood these […]

glory of cow, glory of mother, mother cow, gopashtmi

Let’s explore the glory of “mother” cow this Gop-Ashtami

Glory of mother cow – Gopashtmi Gop-Ashtami is celebrated every year in the month of the Kartika, as prescribed by Lord Krishna. On this holy day, Lord Krishna in his adolescence, started serving cows as a herdsman and cow-keeper; and set the norms of “Gau-Raksha” (protection of cows) before the whole world, implying that the […]

movie on asaram bapu, documentary movie , documentary asaram bapu

The Flip Side – A documentary presenting the ‘flip side’ of what “paid media” claims about a false case

The Flip Side – Documentary movie on asaram bapu To share the contrasting observable events occurred in the recent past, here is what anyone following his beloved Guru – Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu (referred to as ‘Bapuji’), can quote as a simple event-sequence: Episode # 1:-The melodious bhajans & kirtans (devotional songs) sung by Bapuji […]

diwali, deepawali, happy diwali, happy deepawali

Want to keep healthy this Diwali? – Let’s celebrate it in an eco-friendly manner !

celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali Diwali is the festival of lights, joy and enthusiasm .We have a lot of mythological stories with regards to Diwali celebrations. Goddess Lakshmi incarnated on the no-moon night of the Kartik month during the churning of Kshirsagar (the ocean of milk). Lord Vishnu escaped goddess Lakshmi from King Bali in Vaaman incarnation. […]

Kartik rama Ekadashi , Nirvan diwas, asaram bapu as guru

Ma Mehengiba Nirvana Divas – the Death Anniversary of the disciple ‘mother’ of the Guru ‘son’

Ma Mehengiba Nirvana Divas – the Death Anniversary of the disciple ‘mother’ of the Guru ‘son’ Observed all over by the millions of disciples awaiting justice for the Guru Our country takes pride in its spiritual wealth in terms of saints & sages along with its holy places, rivers, temples, Jyotirlingas and what not; the […]

vijyadashmi, asaram bapu

Agony of the disciples missing their Guru during festive season – waiting for real Vijayadashami !

Festival season is on: Navratras, Vijayadashmi and now Sharad Poonam; and the series of festivals would go on in continuation. But ask the disciples as to how they feel when they open their hearts on how much they miss their revered Guru – the adorable Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu (referred to as ‘Bapuji‘) on all […]

paid media, blind media

Divya Prerna Prakash – a book motivating millions across – yet media seems to be blind!!!

Divya Prerna Prakash – a book motivating millions across – yet media seems to be blind!!! An innocent saint – Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu (referred to as ‘Bapuji’) has been kept in prison on account of a baseless case of rape. The saint who could spellbind thousands of people during His discourses is portrayed as […]

Media Crime, Rape Root Cause

Rape – what does it stand for !

Rape – what does it stand for ! – Let’s figure out the root cause behind this question of a child Rape – what does it stand for ? I was shocked at this question of a little girl, who asked me so innocently that I was compelled to wonder as to how should I […]

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