Special Unique Meditation to Give you Instant Benefit

Imagination Power mixed with strong belief does a wonderful job. This imagination with the stimulation of strong belief makes a habit and the habit when imbibed in the subconscious mind brings you the thing which you are imagining or takes you to the place you are trying to reach. If you want to take the true benefit […]

Sexual Energy Transmutation is the Key to Become a Genius

Nowadays this wrong notion about Sex control or Continence has been deep-rooted in the minds irrespective of normal public or physiologists. Sex control or Continence has been accepted as a religious superstition or lack of science by all. This conception has been spread by so-called pseudo Sexologists and Physiologists. For their own popularity and business […]

परोपकारिता के महान आदर्श

(ब्रह्मलीन भगवत्पाद साँईं लीलाशाहजी महाराज प्राकट्य दिवस : 12 मार्च) साँईं श्री लीलाशाहजी महाराज कहते हैं : ‘‘जब द्वैत है ही नहीं तब दूसरों की भलाई करना यह स्वयं की ही भलाई करने के समान है ।’’ इस ब्रह्मवाणी का साकार रूप है संतश्री का जीवन ! एक बार बिहार में अकाल पड़ा तब पूज्य […]

Corruption in India – Karolina Goswami

Corruption in India has always been a major issue. There have been many anti corruption movements in India already. India against corruption was one such big protest. The effects of corruption are devastating. What are the possible solutions for corruption? According to a recent study by harvard university ‘s  center for International Development (CID), India […]


IS HINDUISM A RELIGION ?  This question was asked on Quora and the questioner had added: “RSS and BJP say everyone living in India is a Hindu. Then who are actual Hindus? Is Hinduism really a religion?” I (Maria Wirth) have expanded my original answer: Whether Hinduism is a religion depends on how religion is […]

save environment, Beef ban

It is essential to ban Cow Slaughter for Environmental Protection : Researchers

There is a lot of talk about planting trees and reducing carbon footprint of automobiles but there is another contributing factor to global warming and it is so compelling that The United Nations Environment Program has dubbed it a ‘climate harmful meat” It states ” In terms of greenhouse gas emissions the consumption of 1 kg beef is […]

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